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From our growers’ paddies to your plate. Quality begins before the seeds are sown.

SunRice takes pride in the way its Australian growers have shaped the brand to become one of the world leaders in rice.

Rice Industry Field Day

The 2019 rice industry field day held at Rice Research Australia Pty Ltd in the Riverina was once again a huge success. The field day’s theme was ‘Connecting Rice Growers with the Future’ and focused on the community and gathering growers together.

SunRice arranged for three speakers to attend the field day. Vivian and Stephanie Lam from Ettason, a leading supplier to restaurants and Asian retailers in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong and a long term SunRice partner, talked about supplying customers with SunRice branded rice and the importance this has to their business. Lyndi Cohen - SunRice’s health and wellness ambassador spoke about the importance of a balanced diet and great ways to include good carbohydrates into your cooking.

Out in the paddock, growers were shown recent science and research developments in rice growing. These developments enable greater efficiencies in growing, and will be available for implementation by the grower community in the near future.

SunRice and the wider Rice Industry acknowledges the value that the field day has for earlier adoption of technology on farms, as well as ensuring that rice growers have the most up to date industry information.

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Celebrating 90 years

SunRice is owned by Australian ricegrowers. Generations of families who are proud to be growing Australian rice and feeding Australian families.

The Gribble’s and the Bardney’s are pleased to each be growing rice for the 90th year since their first crop in 1928.

With years of perseverance and refining of their skills, the Gribble’s are among the region’s top 25% of growers. They produce some of the highest quality rice in the region. They have also been improving their water usage year on year exceeding the Riverina’s “holy grail” of water use efficiency.

Chris Gribble is pleased that growing rice is not only profitable for his farming operation but also appreciates that SunRice processes, packages and markets their domestic rice in the surrounding local community.

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SunRice Growers are at the heart of providing you with quality rice

Water Saving Success

Australian ricegrowers have increasingly become more water efficient by changing their methods of planting rice.

Peter and Renee Burke have been growing rice for 21 years. However, to remain competitive in the water market and to ensure the sustainability of their rice growing operation they decided to change their planting methods. This decision was to ultimately ensure they were capable of continuing to grow rice into the future by requiring less water over the growing season.

After harvest, Peter was really happy with his positive results. Peter’s rice crops used far less water than they had the previous year. He managed to use 16% less water over the growing season than that of the industry average.

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Outstanding Low GI Crop

Australian ricegrowers improve their paddock layouts to reduce water usage, reduce labour time and reduce machinery time.

In the 2017/18 rice growing season, Clint Badoco secured a contract with SunRice to grow Doongara, SunRice’s Low Gi ‘Clever Rice’. Across the entirety of his rice plantings, Clint was in the top 20% of growers. His Doongara crop in particular was a standout being the highest yielding Doongara rice crop grown in the 2018 season.

Clint puts his success down to his paddock layouts. He continues to upgrade his paddock layouts to improve labour and machinery efficiencies. In the three neighbouring Doongara paddocks, Clint can drive his machinery up to 1.5 km in a straight line allowing him to reduce his machinery turning time at the end of the paddock.

Clint also has the advantage of heavy subsoils on his property which are perfect conditions for rice growing.

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